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Hi there! 

My name is Filipa Estrela (any pronouns), I am an avid crafter and cartoonist currently living in North Attleboro, MA. I am 28 year old queer non-binary, genderfluid, person of color.

I am of mixed Cape Verdean-Portuguese-MacaneseChinese descent. I am a crafter, cartoonist, performer, educator, and storyteller; sometimes all at the same time.

I am a Center for Cartoon Studies 2020 graduate, who just completed a thesis year. I have been making comics on and off since childhood but it was only in 2018 that I decided to pursue my dream of making comics seriously. I started making dozens of mini-comics to sell along with my crafts and eventually applied and was accepted to CCS. During my 2 years at CCS, I have created over a 100 pages of comics and I have been on the editorial team of 4 different self-published comics anthologies. I am currently editing a fifth anthology: Meandering Realms. 

Before pursuing comics, I earned a B.F.A. in English at UMass Amherst, specializing in Creative Writing. After graduating I worked at various childcare and education jobs, during which I created and implemented STEAM focused lessons and snuck comics in whenever possible! I’ve been a Children’s Museum guide, an Arts instructor at a summer camp, an after school teacher at a Montessori school… wherever I’ve gone I’ve taken my love of comics and shared it with the kids I worked with.

My goal in comics is to create stories that draw inspiration from my background---whether it is my mixed heritage, queerness, or experience as a crafter, educator and artist  ----and blend the everyday with a dose of myth, magic and wonder. I want to tell stories that are heartwarming, encourage human connection, and inspire others to embrace their own creative selves.

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︎  Twitter: @Fylisfe
Instagram: @feltmythical

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