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 Tiny & Soft

A Collection of Comics about Ethereal Moments

a comics thesis created by Filipa Estrela, advised by Shing Yin Khor


Before you is a treasure box.
Each of these items is a treasure.

Pick up a treasure, look it over.
How do you feel about it? What does it evoke?

This treasure has a story to tell.
Are you willing to listen?

Open the drawer.
Find the treasure’s tale.

Let yourself explore from there.
Pick up another treasure,
or maybe start with a story first.

Once you’ve ended your journey,
look over the treasures once more.

Have your feelings changed?
Are new thoughts evoked
when you hold the treasure in your hands?
New memories? Old ones?

Have you changed or have the treasures?


All Copyrights Reserved to Filipa Estrela 2023