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Feltmythical Imaginings Logo Sticker

A gorgeous holographic 2.5in x 2.5in sticker of the Feltmythical Imaginings Logo. One free logo sticker is included in every order but if you’d like to get extra you can use this listing! 

Holographic Dragon Stickers


1 sheet of  holographic dragon stickers

New version of sticker sheet adds many tiny little extra star stickers!

Woermz on a String Sticker Sheet Series 


Woermz on a String sticker sheets!

4 possible designs - Woermz of Hope, Woermz of Self-Care, Woermz of Love, and Woermz of Revolution.

Sticker sheets printed on a great quality and waterproof vinyl.

Monster Circus Sticker Series ($3 each)

Crazy cute and spooky glitter holographic ~2.5in x 2.5in stickers of monstrous circus perfomers.

Animal Hobbies Clear Sticker Series

Bright and colorful clear backed vinyl ~2.5in x 2.5in stickers of animals with creative hobbies.

(Stickers in photos have a white backing paper, once removed the border of each sticker is see-through)

Comics & Zines

Meandering Realms- Comics Anthology

Meandering Realms is an anthology of comics made from unconventional materials. It is over 100 pages of full-color crafted comics from 16 different creators.   

The comics feature a wide variety of materials from embroidery, to cut paper, clay, wood cutouts, needlefelting, face-paint and beyond. 

Each artist took an individual and unique approach to their comics making process, resulting in works that look as if they came from another realm.  This anthology is for any one who loves comics, crafts, or weird fun art of any kind!                 

Our list of contributors:Filipa Estrela, Katie Longua, Sean Marney, Erin Partridge, Sage Clemmons, Paper Melon, Nick Stellanova, Kriota Willberg, Bread Tarleton, Allison Bannister, Bryn Ziegler, Issy Manley, Roshan Ganu, Nick Steinborn, Keren Katz, and DT Burns

Buy a physical copy:

Comix Accountability Club Anthology #1, Mundane Surrealism

Anthology by members of the Comix Accountability Club!

Mundane surrealism in 13 comics: Ordinary subject matter that is usually regarded as everyday or forgettable - brought to life with fantastic imagery and storytelling.

The Comix Accountability Club (CAC) brings to you their first annual anthology, featuring 14 independent comics creators from all over the US. This anthology features 13 stories covering possessive vending machines and cell phones, aliens, sentient sandwiches, intense uber rides and more

8.5" x 11", glossy cover, 64 pages.

Read my comic for the anthology here.

Buy a physical copy:

“Woerm Dreams”, mini-comic

What do fuzzy woerms dream off their strings?

40 pg mini-comic, comes with a free worm on a string.

Read here!

Buy a physical copy:

“Gender Clown”, mini-comic

14 page mini-comic. Printed on uncoated 80lb paper, 5in by 5in size.  

It is about my personal thoughts on clowning and gender fluidity. 

Buy a physical copy:

“Little Friend, Big Feelings”, mini-comic

8 page mini-comic. Risograph in two colors- fluorescent pink and blue or aqua. Printed on uncoated 80lb paper, roughly 4in by 6in size.  

Read here!

Buy a physical copy:


Asteroid Riders Risograph Print Set

Risograph Printed in 3 colors, aqua, fluorescent pink and blue. Roughly 6in by 4in size.

Prints can be bought individually or as a set!

Pressed Pennies Risograph Print Set

Risograph Printed in 2 colors, sunflower yellow and burgundy.
Printed on two options of paper- matte or pearlescent, the difference is subtle in photos but the pearlescent option is very shiny in person.  Roughly 5in by 3in size.

Prints can be bought individually or as a set, either as matter or as pearlescent. You can also choose to get a surprise random penny!

Space Ocean Risograph Print

Risograph Printed in 2 colors, Space Ocean.
Printed on coverstock paper at roughly 5in by 15in size.

Super vibrant and colorful! 

Prints may have slight variations in layer alignments but each has passed my quality approval! I have categorized the prints into 2 categories, A for perfect/near perfect alignment and B for slight misalignment. Both categories look really stunning, and it’s just a mater of preference whether you like the slightly off-alignment look or not! The prints that came out super misaligned I’ve turned into dream journals available here. 

Goblin Market Risograph Print

Risograph Printed in 3 colors, yellow, fluorescent pink, aqua.
Printed on coverstock paper at roughly 6in by 6in size.

Super vibrant and colorful! 

Frog Chillin’ Risograph Print

Risograph Printed in 3 colors, Frog Chillin. Printed on coverstock paper at roughly 8in by 11in size.

Clothing & Accessories

Screenprinted Dragon Bandanas

Beautiful screenprinted bandanas, 100% cotton, 22 in by 22 in. 

Options are White Ink or Black Ink for the line art, and then for a fee I can also tie-dye the bandanas for you, +$3 for mystery tie-dye, +$5 for cool or warm colors, +$10 for custom colors. For custom colors, do not forget to include a note on checkout with your request! 

Custom dyed bandanas take extra time to ship, I’ll aim to get it dyed and sent withing 1-2 weeks of your order.

All-Seeing Starfish Tees


2 layer handscreen-printed t-shirts available in 3 colors-- White, Blue, and Pink! 
Tees are a Gildan brand heavy 100% cotton. Very comfy and breathable. 
Available in sizes S-5XL. 

Make a Mess Totebags 

2 layer handscreen-printed totebags! 

Very roomy, roughly 14in x 12 in x 6 in, with a pocket in the back.


Worm on a String Earrings

Fluffly wiggly worm friends to hang off your ears! Available in a whole bunch of colors, including rainbow, and as regular earring hooks or clip-ons!

Rainbow Woermz Washi Tape ($5)

Rainbow Woermz on a String washi tape with shiny silver accents!

Very shiny and colorful, not super sticky but okay for decorative embellishments.

Space Ocean Dream Journal

Handmade journals created from majorly misprinted Space Ocean prints! 

Journals are about a quarter inch thick, and are 5.5 in by 8 in. They are made with really nice quality thick drawing paper and glow-in-the-dark coils, making them great for drawing in pen, ink, and even light watercolor work or for some late-night dream journaling!

All journal have varied alignments and look different from each other but all meet my quality standards!

New Years Tiger Mini Cards

One set of two itty bitty (2.5in x 2.5in) Chinese New Year’s Tiger cards printed on cardstock. Super sweet and super cute!

“Stickin’ Around Town”, sticker collection game

** Example pictures feature examples of some gameplay examples with pages in use, books do not come with any stickers in them! **

This is a sticker collection game created by me (Filipa) and my partner Alex.

The goal of the game is to create a beautiful town utilizing your sticker collection and stickers you find in the world.

We love stickers, and we love collecting them, but we always get nervous about wasting a good sticker and end up leaving those good stickers to suffer on their own with no friends.

This game is an attempt to give them a loving home! 

A print-your-own version of the game is available on itch.io:

Buy a physical copy:

“Sweater Gremlins” card game

Living together in a Big Yarn House is a group of loveable tiny monsters in sweaters.
These monsters are known as the Sweater Gremlins and though they are full of cuddly, snuggly, wuggly energy, their big personalities often lead to big feelings and big problems. Luckily, the gremlins are always eager to help each other out, they just need some guidance and direction on how best to help. That’s where you come in!

Venture throughout the Big Yarn House to help these gremlins! Solve cuddly problems with affectionate and empathetic gremlins, snuggly problems with patient and grounded gremlins, and wuggly problems with creative and energetic gremlins.
And do it all before everything gets out of control!

Sweater Gremlins is a cooperative fast-paced 1-4 player game played in 4-5 rounds that exercises basic math skills, risk-management and decision making.

Buy a physical copy:

Friend for Goblin & Trinket Quest 

Two mini-keepsake/scavenger hunt games in one! 
This is a double sided laminated card with two little games.

Friend for Goblin, by Filipa Estrela and Alexander Ahlquist, is being a goblin and creating a friend!  Trinket Quest, by Filipa Estrela is about being a dragon building a hoard of treasures.

Buy a physical copy:

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